If you are at The Running Event in Austin, TX, this month and happen to see a crew with video cameras capturing all of the action, feel free to smile and perhaps answer a few questions. You may end up in a “sizzle reel” for future TRE promotions … or even in a video you can run on a television in your own store.

That’s because the people behind MOTOTV will be all over the show with a product and technology that can be the solution to the blank TVs in your store. Simply put, MOTOTV’s digital networks help retailers sell more products by playing video content from the brands that the stores carry — right at the point of sale. 

MOTOTV gives specialty run retailers a customizable platform to constantly be advertising at that all-important point of sale as its active video network draws attention to their products, events and sales messages. And because the content is constantly updated, it keeps the store atmosphere alive with current content and reinforces customer confidence. 

“We manage the content, but also have a ton of built-in tools that let stores customize their own video or photo content, tie in their social media, type in messaging and really customize it to their store,” explains MOTOTV account director Mary Reed, herself a former specialty run store manager. “Basically, we educate and entertain the customer while driving purchases.” 

The key to the success of the product is that it informs, educates and entertains all at the same time. 

“We know people come to specialty run stores for the excellent and individualized service — and sometimes that service comes with a wait, whether they’re waiting their turn or waiting while you go grab shoes from the back,” Reed adds. “Our active network helps reduce that perceived wait time while also keeping your customers engaged.”

So instead of distracting them with a random TV show or old races, retailers can keep them in buying mode by showing them the latest videos from the brands they carry and keeping them informed on everything happening at the store. It’s also a win for the brands since MOTOTV delivers that consistent tone and brand promise right at the end of the purchase funnel. 

Because MOTOTV actively manages all of the content, a store owner’s time investment is minimal — they simply plug the proprietary Media Player into their TV and get it online. From there they can either set-it-and-forget-it or can use MOTOTV’s simple dashboard to make  all of the customizable updates they would like, including adding their Instagram account and selecting or deselecting brands so that the content on the screens is only for the brands they carry.

Between the Media Player and the subscription, the cost is as little as $55 to get started. The cost of the subscription covers content management, customer support and backend technology to keep the network active. 

A Retail Testimonial

The service is already catching on among both single-store and or multi-door retailers, including a number of Fleet Feet stores and, most impressive of all, the 2022 Store of the Year, Ridgefield Running Company. 

“MOTOTV is an incredible asset to our floor,” says Megan Searfoss, owner of Ridgefield Running and Darien Running. “The ability to have up-to-date brand information allows us to tailor the content to the products we carry and the Dashboard allows us to upload our own content, videos and Instagram, which further personalizes the consumer experience. The TV is in a place that allows people to watch while we fetch shoes, so we are always on.”

MOTOTV actually started more than 10 years ago in the Action Sports arena with Powersports, Marine and Ski leading the way. In those markets it allowed dealerships and retailers to bring their showroom vehicles or equipment to life on-screen to make the shopping experience more inspirational and engaging. They have since grown into more than 3000 retailers globally playing on more than 5000 screens. 

Big brands within these industries took notice too and top names like Honda, BMW, Yamaha and Vail Resorts have approached MOTOTV to design custom in-store networks for their brands to stand out even more.

More Than Just TV

Aside from educating and entertaining customers, the service is an efficient way to keep the sales staff informed about new product announcements, shoe updates, store events and more through the content. It helps keep everything top-of-mind and is a tool for guiding additional purchases such as accessories and nutrition. 

“Floor and wall space are at a premium in many specialty run stores, so having a digital solution that cuts out all of the printed point-of-purchase pieces has been valuable to create an uncluttered and modern feel to stores,” Reed explains. “Running stores are also the social hub of the running community, so they have found value in having this digital space to update their community about group runs, welcoming high school teams for shopping days, race news and community outreach events.” 

The ideal set-up is in a visible place where customers tend to watch and wait and it seems to work best on shoe walls and accessory walls. The content is only from the brands each store carries so they’ll see product and lifestyle videos for the products they can purchase there. MOTOTV also provides a promo library stores can choose from with animated promos that are tailored to specialty run, along with window TV displays that are really a good fit for high-traffic, walkable stores. 

TRE23 and More

This will be the third year at The Running Event for MOTOTV and the company will be there with its booth that allows retailers to come by to see its screens in action. (Note: MOTOTV will be offering a TRE Show Special with major discounts on the subscription and a 60-day free trial when a store signs up at the show.) 

“As we’ve seen with the other industries we’re in, the more we grow our retailer footprint, the louder voice the retailers have with the brands and getting more digital support and relevant content at the point of sale,” explains Reed. “Our goal is to get specialty run stores to that level.”