Hoka Unveils Skyward X

Skyward X is the latest addition to their maximally cushioned performance road trainers from Hoka. Celebrating the latest innovations in footwear technology and signature Hoka cushioning, Skyward X provides every runner with an experience 

that feels entirely new and unmistakably Hoka.

Among the highlights:

  • This cushy new trainer features a revolutionary suspension system with a convex carbon fiber plate that allows the suspension system to compress and spring back with each step.
  • Flat Knit Upper with zonal engineering molds to the foot for a sock-like fit.
  • Deep A tive Foot Frame cradles the heel for a secure ride
  • PEBA Midsole Foam provides plush cushioning and energy return.
  • Carbon Fiber Plate bows in the middle for a suspended feeling.
  • Rocker Frame supports the MetaRocker.
  • MSRP: $225 

Currex Named Official Insole of Major League Pickleball

Kicking off the 2024 professional pickleball season, Major League Pickleball (MLP by Margaritaville) has named Currex insoles as its exclusive insole partner, designating Currex PickleballPro as the official shoe insole of Major League Pickleball.

Currex released its pickleball-specific insole earlier this year with a design tailored to meet the sport’s unique demands while providing a highly personalized fit. Driven by a mutual commitment MLP is the preeminent team-based professional pickleball league, featuring nearly 100 of the best athletes across 22 teams, a unique coed format, easy-to-understand scoring, iconic team owners and the most electric live events and fan experience in the sport. The league’s 2024 schedule features 11 events across nine states and Washington, D.C., beginning with MLP Atlanta, May 9-12, 2024.

“As the Official Insole Partner of Major League Pickleball, we are thrilled to embark on this journey of athletic innovation and excellence,” says Steve Robinson, chief marketing officer at Foundation Wellness. “Major League Pickleball embodies the spirit of competition and camaraderie, values that resonate deeply with us at Currex. Through this partnership, we aim to equip picklers with the best in performance insoles, elevating their game and enhancing their experience on the court.”

Currex PickleballPro insoles feature  grip, targeted forefoot and heel cushioning, plus flexible arch support that comes in three distinct arch profiles. The insoles support lateral motion for quick on-court movement and more responsive play

Hydroshirt: A New Take on Hydration Gear for Runners

Vessel Athletics recently debuted its first iteration of functional performance wear – the Hydroshirt –  for what it calls “a fresh take on hydration gear.” The Hydroshirt is a lightweight shirt that integrates a one liter water bladder, designed to let runners carry water seamlessly while eliminating the inconvenience of weight and slosh.

 The Hydroshirt boasts several features, including a 32-ounce removable hydration bladder, a bite-valve straw for easy sipping, and sleeve pockets to carry essentials. Unique to the Hydroshirt are the hidden magnet that secures the straw and an adjustable fastening system to stabilize the bladder and prevent sloshing—details that exemplify Vessel Athletics’ commitment to quality and functionality.

To fund the project Vessel Athletics formed a Kickstarter campaign, currently live until June 6, 2024, to be among the first to secure a Hydroshirt from their exclusive, limited batch. Early bird pricing tiers start at $89 before retailing for $150. The Hydroshirt will be available for shipping to the U.S.  and most international countries. With production completed, backers can expect to receive their Hydroshirt as early as the end of June.

For more: Kickstarter Campaign Link.

H20 Audio Partners with Ironman Champion Angela Naeth

H2O Audio, the maker of waterproof audio technology, has entered into a partnership with professional triathlete Angela Naeth. As a three-time Ironman champion and with 19 half-Ironman victories, she is one of the most successful triathletes of her generation. 

Under the partnership, Angela will collaborate closely with H2O Audio on product testing and feedback, leveraging her expertise to enhance audio solutions that athletes rely on in extreme conditions. The partnership also features Angela in a prominent role across H2O Audio’s marketing campaigns, where she will share her experiences and the impact of music on her training routines.

The partnership kicks off with a series of initiatives including social media collaborations, product giveaways and an H2O Audio sponsored event. These efforts aim to inspire a wider audience and enrich the training experiences of athletes everywhere with superior sound quality, even in the most challenging conditions.

Adidas Terrex Marks Unveiled Hydroterra AT Water Sandal 

Adidas Terrex recently introduced an all-terrain (AT) version of the Hydroterra, an upgraded addition to the brand’s water sandal line boasting a cushioned foundation with a CloudFoam footbed, precision-crafted tooling and a grippy Traxion outsole. 

With its breathable mesh upper, reinforced toe cap and strategic cutouts, the sandal’s silhouette offers the most coverage of the Hydroterra line while ensuring fast drainage and quick drying time.

Saucony Launches Redesigned Triumph 22

Saucony recently launched a redesign of its Triumph 22, featuring the brand’s PwrRunPB foam, initially created for the Endorphin Pro but now tuned for daily mileage. 

The Triumph 22, with its responsive cushioning and comfort, is designed for the everyday runner, offering a wider midfoot that provides a balanced platform to accommodate more foot types. The engineered mesh upper is breathable, while the adaptive lacing system gives a secure fit. The modern silhouette and feel-good fit make it versatile and comfortable. 

“The Triumph series has consistently ranked among the most cushioned premium neutral daily trainers available, standing as a versatile and reliable shoe for anyone who wants that next level of comfort,” says Brian Moore, chief product officer for Saucony. “With the Triumph 22, we added our PwrRunPB signature foam, the same cushioning technology used in the Endorphin Speed Pro 4, but reformulated it so that runners of all abilities can experience a springy yet soft and highly energetic run. Additionally, we’ve improved the geometry, including a wider platform and updated rocker, for a smooth and balanced ride. The full-length XT-900 rubber outsole offers runners exceptional traction and long-lasting durability. Overall, the Triumph 22 delivers an elevated and luxurious cushioning experience, unlocking the unparalleled joy of running.”

Adidas Drops Largest Multisport Footwear Collection 

Also in the news from Adidas, the brand recently released its most exclusive multisport footwear collection to date — a 49-model lineup that spans running, tennis, basketball and even breakdancing. This collection, “designed to empower athletes across 41 disciplines,” features over 20 models Olympic athletes will wear this summer while competing at the Olympics.

Each product in the range is made for its intended sport, including the Adidas Adios Pro 3 for marathon running, the Adidas Barricade for tennis and a broader series of footwear fit for many sports featuring the best performance technologies from the brand.

Adidas also released the Adizero Prime SP 3 Strung, which is made for 100m with “energy return and maximum stiffness.” The shoe continues the Prime SP model an updated with the strung upper. Coded thread by thread and the upper provides a seamless, lightweight cocoon around the foot.

While each Adidas-sponsored country is complete in designs made in the color of its flag, they also come with the fire-inspired emblem, “a unifying graphic set to symbolize the passion for sport, that binds all its athletes who look to compete at the height of their game.”

ASICS’ Nimbus Mirai Is ‘Made to be Returned’

The recently introduced Nimbus Mirai from ASICS is a performance running shoe designed to be remade at the end of its lifecycle “without compromising the quality or performance.” With the Nimbus Mirai running shoe, designed with recycling in mind, Asics is launching a new returns program, encouraging runners to return the shoe at the end of its use to support a circular journey.

The Nimbus Mirai is described as one of the “most advanced shoes” the company has made. It is designed with uniform polyester material and the entire upper has no overlays, meaning “the shoe is sortable for recycling when it reaches its end-of-life.” ASICS also created a glue that “promotes an easier recycling process.” The glue offers a “durable bond” but pulls apart easily for its next lifecycle, with the upper also easily detaching from the sole during the recycling process.

The shoe also features an FF Blast Plus Eco midsole that delivers “cloud-like cushioning” from approximately “24 percent renewable sources, including leftovers 

Oofos Sponsored Recovery at Boston Marathon Finish Line

Ooofos recently confirmed its commitment to recovery by implementing a unique sponsorship initiative that supported and celebrated 10 “Real People” in their recovery journey following the Boston Marathon. 

Immediately following the race, Oofos identified individuals at the finish line in need of Active Recovery support and offered them an official recovery contract. Each athlete will be treated to a photo session, with the images then showcased on digital boards within the store and in other placements as an official Oofos athlete. 

In addition to being fitted with a selection of Oofos recovery footwear, the Boston-based company will offer support and guidance, ensuring that the athletes have everything they need for a successful recovery from the race. As part of their sponsorship package, each runner will receive an Oofos shopping spree, complimentary entry for their next race of choice, gift certificates for a massage and pedicure and Espom Salts. 

Boston Marathon finishers Kylee Raftis, Grant Grafentin, Marc Sampson, Masaki Mibayashi, Georgia Miller Latremouille, Eric Thomas (in photo), Brian J. Melady, Felicita Kagwanja and Abbie Silverstein signed their official contracts while still wrapped in their post-race blankets and immediately slipped into a pair of OOFOS to begin their recovery.