For The Running Event 2023 I have had the pleasure of bringing the Low Impact Alliance’s (LIA) brand presence to life. Each touchpoint for this three-day event was developed by harnessing a general creative direction that would ultimately inform a consistent and intentional identity true to the LIA’s foundation. 

At the onset of any project I like to start with a general roadmap and outline any considerations before I dive into the process. I find that this helps not only address each need holistically, but also identifies areas of overlap.

An important consideration for this project was the development of visceral messaging that spoke to LIA’s ethos. We wanted this to represent the Low Impact Alliance from a more poetic perspective and to really resonate with attendees at a core level, not just as a resource but as a true alliance that stands for impacting change.

This is what we landed on:

Earth’s wild, winding trails now meet poured asphalt. 

And rolling hills exist in unity with cobblestone paths.

Manmade highways cut through plains and meadows. 

While shacks and houses dot our harbors and shores.

These lands are the paths that we play on. 

We choose them as ours through the pace of our days.

Just as they selflessly give to us. 

We are inspired to protect them each step of the way.

We are proud to be the salt of the Earth. 

To honor and preserve her, with every step we take.

Because every footprint has an impact. 

But even small strides can create big change.

This copy not only connects us with our audience, but also served as inspiration that was leveraged for the booth design, merchandise and LIA’s general presence at TRE. It served as our creative reference point for any visual applications.

Adhering to the same tone of the messaging, I illustrated a variety of landscapes familiar to runners that also face the inevitable impacts of environmentalism. I specifically chose to paint the illustrations with my non-dominant hand to mimic the same unlabored nature of the copy. I was then able to visualize how those gestures and illustrations, in combination with the copy, would exist on multiple applications for the Low Impact Alliance at The Running Event this year. 

In addition to an exciting lineup of activations and participation for LIA this year, we will be selling merchandise to raise funds for research and operational support that will drive the growth of the Low Impact Alliance. We are proud to collaborate with Ciele Athletics and Recover Brands for this limited collection that upholds LIA’s values and speaks to its mission.

Make sure to stop by the Low Impact Alliance Booth 922 this year while you’re at The Running Event to see the creative process and development in real time.