With an original mission to help its local community hospitals and healthcare workers, Superfeet and its sister company Flowbuilt Manufacturing successfully produced and delivered 42,000 PAPR hoods to hospitals in the northwestern region of United States during the month of April. Effective immediately, the company is opening an additional 30,000-unit capacity for May to help meet continued nationwide demand.

When Superfeet pivoted to manufacturing PAPR hoods, their team approached building PPE product like they do insoles, with the intent for the end product to be highly durable, easy to use and comfortable to wear. Following this ethos, the Superfeet team took a single-use product and upgraded it to be reusable, sanitizable and multi-system compatible. They designed their hood to be natively compatible with the 3M Air-Mate system. Printed on Flowbuilt’s HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers, Superfeet PAPR adaptors allow the hoods to be used with all major PAPR systems found in hospitals across the country.

“Superfeet spent the last 43 years keeping people on their feet. We’ve applied our best practices for product durability and adaptability, developed over decades of insole and footwear making, to the production of PPE for the fight against COVID-19,” says John Rauvola, CEO and president at Superfeet. “We’ve been thrilled with the response from the front-line heroes using our hoods and are proud to continue our focus on keeping the medical community on their feet and protected in this time of great need.”

Superfeet continues to offer its 3D printers and manufacturing capabilities in the effort to combat COVID-19. Medical facilities in need of PAPR hoods and other personal protective equipment (PPE) can reach out to [email protected] to determine if Superfeet can be of assistance.