The ASICS Accelerator Program is managed jointly by ASICS Corporation and ASICS Ventures Corporation. The program, which solicits proposals from startups, is in its fourth cycle, following the TENKAN-TEN program held twice primarily in Europe and the ASICS Accelerator Program held last year mainly in Japan.

ASICS is soliciting ideas for products and services that will use the company’s technology and brand to contribute to improving people’s health conditions from both the mind and body perspectives and realize fulfilling lifestyles for more people as well as create new value.

Applications from potential candidates will be solicited from through November 16, and after a first (written application) and second round (interview) of screening, startups will be selected to participate in Demo Day. Selected startups will consult with ASICS mentors to improve the thoroughness of their business partnership plans up until Demo Day. Demo Day will be held in February 2021, and ASICS management will evaluate the presentations of each startup before making a final decision.

Four business collaboration proposals were made as a result of last year’s ASICS Accelerator Program, as products, services, and content that would contribute to commercial opportunities in 2020 were solicited and test marketed.

ASICS jointly developed the Evoride ORPHE smartshoe, which offers feedback on changes in foot movement in real time, together with Grand Prize winner no new folk studio, Inc. Advance order sales of the Evoride ORPHE began in July, with in-store sales scheduled to begin at some owned stores and the ASICS Online Store starting in December.

As society and the environment undergo rapid changes, is critical that ASICS both bolster its in-house research and development and also actively seek promising expertise from outside in order to be able to offer products, services, and an environment that contribute to improving people’s health conditions from both mind and body perspective. ASICS wishes to achieve sustainable growth by partnering with startups that would create value and develop new businesses.

Eligibility standards: Companies less than 10 years old, with incorporation completed, product service completed, and service development goals defined as of the time of program.

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