There’s not always a trained professional around when you need to get taped up before or after a race or workout, so KT went the extra mile and developed its first mobile app providing users with easy-to-follow instructions about how, when and why to use kinesiology tape.

Designed to empower users with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective self-taping, the app features an interactive interface with unique and intuitive body visualization concepts. Users can effortlessly navigate their personalized needs and preferences through a user-friendly body – known affectionately as Tapeman and Tapewoman – representation, enabling them to pinpoint specific areas of their body for taping and be guided to the corresponding instructional videos.

 One of the app’s key features is its step-by-step guided videos, which are thoughtfully broken down into easily digestible segments, allowing users to follow along with the instruction videos without the need for pausing or replaying. The app eliminates the struggles often associated with taping oneself, enabling users to confidently apply kinesiology tape without assistance.

“Millions of active Americans count on kinesiology tape to help them perform, but based on consumer feedback we realized many lacked the confidence to apply tape without assistance from a certified trainer,” explains Jessica Klodnicki, CEO of KT.  “This app is simple to use and should empower current and future customers to know when to apply our products and tape like a pro.”

 KT’s Sports Medicine Advisory Board played a critical role in shaping the content and instructional videos featured in the app so users better understand the benefits, use cases and proper application of kinesiology tape in their homes or on the go. Comprised of Dr. Erin Hassler, Dr. Chris Harper, Dr. Eli Rogers and Dr. Shea Streak, the Sports Medicine Advisory Board enhanced credibility among consumers and retailers in kinesiology tape. 

The board comprises experts from various fields, including sports medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic care. Making its debut on the App Store and Play Store in July, users can now access educational and application videos, conveniently purchase products and customize their profiles, all for free.

“Being a part of the Sports Medicine Advisory Panel gives us a stage for our patient’s voices to be heard,” says Dr. Hassler, of Sportz Factory. “We are bridging the gap to educate users on the extensive benefits and proper application process of KT Tape.”

The ultimate goal of the app with its innovative features, instructional videos and user-friendly design is to unlock the potential for runners to prioritize their physical performance and enhance recovery at the touch of a finger.

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