As it enters into its second year as active members of the UN Global Compact Ð which requires a commitment to its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption Ð Newton Running has made sustainability a cornerstone of its Spring 2021 Line.

Newton has long made the environment part of its corporate mission Ð it currently powers its office and warehouse space entirely with wind energy and recycles or composts 95 percent of all the waste it generates Ð and this next generation of footwear marks a major stride in the brand’s sustainability initiative.

“Ever since Newton was founded in 2007 we have been committed to leaving this planet better than we found it,” explains CEO Jerry Lee. “To now have a product line that matches our mission is a very proud day for us.”

For Spring 2021, Newton Running has re-engineered both the men’s and women’s Gravity 10, Motion 10, Distance 10 and Distance S 10 to be crafted entirely from recycled or biodegradable materials, all without sacrificing performance.

Taking it a step further, Newton is also taking plastic bottles out of landfills and utilizing them in the laces and upper mesh of each shoe. Each pair will use four water bottles worth of recycled plastic. The soles feature EcoPure, a biodegradable plastic additive that is designed to help reduce the amount of waste and plastics in our environment.

An average shoe can take upwards of 40 years to biodegrade. However, Newton’s Motion 10, for example, is treated to break down into nontoxic biomass and biogas up to 75 percent quicker in landfills while not compromising quality, durability or performance, so that in 10 years only biomass and biogas remain. The biogas can be used to create clean energy and the biomass turns into non-toxic dirt. The shoeboxes are even entirely compostable.

“Moving forward, all Newton products will be made of recycled and biodegradable materials Ñ this is only the beginning of our innovations,” adds Lee. “The next generation of runners is depending on us to make better decisions today.”

The Spring 2021 line, the first release of what the company says will prove to be an innovative year for Newton, is a step towards creating a more sustainable future for the brand, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts.