While businesses continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Utah-based brands Cotopaxi and Uncharted Supply Co. have come together to support each other’s needs and initiatives, ensuring that both brands stay afloat throughout this pandemic-induced economic downturn.

While many brands are feeling the adverse effects of coronavirus, the panic-buying it has induced has led to a spike in sales for Uncharted Supply Co., a Park City-based brand offering a line of preparedness products. With the influx of sales, Christian Schauf, CEO and founder of Uncharted, and his staff have been working overtime to keep up with demand.

Salt Lake City-based outdoor gear maker, Cotopaxi, who work year-round to address global poverty alleviation and local refugee support, complied with Shelter In Place  Stay At Home orders requiring the shutting of retail stores and laying off employees.

Through the partnership with Uncharted, Cotopaxi, an outdoor brand founded by CEO Davis Smith, was able to offer staffing support to Uncharted at their warehouse facility, during an unprecedented time of retail disruption.

After seeing the ways in which the other was struggling to meet their businesses needs, Schauf and Smith recognized the unique opportunity to come together to better serve the needs of both of these brands in such an unprecedented time.

When Park City, UT announced the closure of small businesses on March 25, Schauf knew he had to act quickly, with thousands of customers anxiously waiting on their preparedness gear.

“With 24-hours notice, we mobilized and created an extended partnership with our friends at Cotopaxi,” says Schauf. “In a blizzard, we moved all of our inventory and fulfillment aspects of our business to Salt Lake City and Cotopaxi welcomed us into their warehouse. This ensured that not only were we able to stay open, but we were able to more quickly fulfill orders and catch up. We are extremely thankful for Cotopaxi’s hospitality and to their staff for getting on board to help us get orders out the door as swiftly as possible.”

“These are exceptional times that we, globally, are facing, and as a BCorp with giving back and doing good at our core, this partnership of neighbors was a no-brainer for our brand,” says Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith. “We are honored to be members of the Utah business community, and are doing everything we can to support our local and global community, particularly through our #OneUtah campaign. Our work with Uncharted, in both operational and consumer-facing product collaborations, has been a mutually beneficial, positive and uplifting partnership.”

For the past week, the Uncharted and Cotopaxi teams have been building and assembling SEVENTY2 and SEVENTY2 Pro survival packs to keep up with record demand; awaiting a final few pieces before they can ship their product. They’ve also brought on additional customer support specialists to help customers with any questions they may have.

In addition to Cotopaxi and Uncharted teaming up for logistical and shipping support, the two brands have a new product collaboration in the works. Designed for discerning adventure travelers, this gear collaboration will integrate Uncharted’s preparedness products into Cotopaxi’s packs. Cotopaxi and Uncharted plan to launch this first product collaboration in May 2020.