With the mission of making recovery accessible to all, SPRYNG aims to disrupt the fitness and health industry by giving active health enthusiasts across the US a competitive edge with faster and better recovery experience than ever before.

Launched last year through successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter & Indiegogo, raising over $1 Million dollars in funding.

this year we plan to introduce SPRYNG to the broader running and fitness communities throughstrategic retail partnerships.

SPRYNG features a pair of stylish and portable active compression calf wraps that utilize patentpending compression profiles to improve performance and accelerate recovery. Unlike other products in the market, SPRYNG provides a 100% wireless recovery experience with just 15 minutes of use, allowing users to easily fit recovery into their daily lifestyle and routines. SPRYNG is clinically proven to improve blood circulation, promote lactic acid flushout, and increased oxygen supply to muscle tissues. SPRYNG is FDA class 1 registered product.

Current active compression recovery solutions available in the market are more suited towards professional athletes due high price point and their bulky form factor which limits the use of
such devices outside the home. With the rapid rise in the interest of people wanting to lead healthier and more active lifestyles, there has been an increasing need for a recovery solution
that is easy to use, portable, convenient, and easy on the wallet.

We developed SPRYNG to provide a better solution for those who couldn’t afford the luxury of recovery. Anyone who is engaged in a physically demanding lifestyle and are on their feet all day would benefit from SPRYNG.
SPRYNG was recognized as the winners of Shape Tech awards in 2019 by Shape Magazine and the finalist at the ISPO Brand New Category 2019. We are featured in many reputed media
publications including Runner’s World, Engadget, CNET, Medgadget to name a few. SPRYNG is priced at $249 for a pair and comes in 5 different color options.

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