PHIT America’s ambitious goal of getting more kids up and active – with running as one of its core elements – has taken a major step forward to developing a unique and effective approach to increase physical activity. The initiative from the non-profit, which has already introduced more than one million of America’s youth to sport and fitness, includes building PHIT Centers in schools that increase physical education and commit to other physical activities outside of PE. 

In a nutshell, these PHIT Centers are “kid sized” facilities with designated areas for running, walking, fitness, tennis, pickleball and tennis. 

In the PHIT Center locations, PHIT America is being supported by the local school district and in the future plans to support all schools in each school district with its programs and to build additional PHIT Centers. 

 “We realize kids don’t have a place to play in most schools. These new PHIT Centers will be used before school, after school, for recess and on weekends for the family,” explains Jim Baugh, founder of PHIT America, the former president of Wilson Sports and a member of the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame, adding that PHIT America will now introduce a new generation to running, walking, tennis and pickleball. “We are going to get a whole community more active.”

And in another recent development, PHIT America received a significant boost in Palm Beach County, FL, with a program called Impact 100 that will benefit from a $100,00 grant. PHIT America will now be able to activate 15 schools with more than 10,000 children joining its AMPED running, walking and fitness program. In addition, 5000 of these children will also be introduced to PHIT America’s Play Pickleball and Play Tennis programs.

“Impact 100 Palm Beach County is a women’s charitable organization funding local non-profit initiatives in southern Palm Beach County,” 

The AMPED program is presented by Road Runner Sports, while the Play Tennis program is supported by the U.S. Tennis Association and Play Pickleball by USA Pickleball.

“It is vital that we help more and more children get more active and healthier,” says Baugh, pointing out the kids in the U.S. are ranked last in physical healthy according to a UNICEF study. “Our kids are in bad shape and will not be able to compete in the future both physically and in leadership positions in companies. “Our kids are our future. They need our help.” 

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