Looking to increase its profile in the running community, Under Armour has formed Dark Sky Distance, an elite team based in Flagstaff, AZ. The new group consists of middle and long distance runners pursuing Championship aspirations in Tokyo and beyond.

The formation of this group goes back to 2016 when, at the Olympic Track and Field Trials that year, the vast majority of runners who qualified for the Olympics trained with a team. From conversations with athletes, many attributed their success to the group dynamic in workouts and having teammates to hold them accountable. Under Armour’s mission is to make all athletes better, and the proven success of these groups pointed the brand toward one more way it could advance that mission and support its pro run athletes. 

The Dark Sky Distance name pays homage to the Flagstaff’s commitment to reducing light pollution and the preservation of the night sky. The city is considered a leader in outdoor lighting policy, having enacted the world’s first outdoor lighting ordinance in 1958, and is the first IDA International Dark Sky Community. To the team, the stars of the night sky symbolize their potential: consistent, limitless, and more than the sums of its parts.  

The group recently raced at the Sunset Tour Race Series, hosted by Under Armour. At the race, UA athletes ran in Under Armour’s new line of track spikes, which are set to launch in October 2020. The collection includes spikes for all track and field events including sprints, distances, jumps and throws, as well as two cross-country racing spikes and a road racing flat. The members of Dark Sky Distance have been involved in the development of this collection for the past two years, from the design and development to wear testing during workouts in Flagstaff.