Ultrarunning super star Courtney Dauwalter is best known for her long shorts, vocal love of nachos, and a few impressive finishes at iconic races like Western States 100 and UTMB. And now she is an Instagram star.

Since Dauwalter’s first virtual event on May 20 was so well received, Tailwind is hosting a Round 2. Her Instagram career continues on Thursday, May 28, at 3 p.m. MT with the second conversation sponsored by Tailwind — and this one will be live!.

A sampling of the conversation on May 20:

Question: Favorite ice cream flavor?

Courtney: Favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough but mostly because I want to find all the cookie dough pieces and Ben & Jerry’s Phish food for the marshmallow swirl! 

Question: Do you follow a set training schedule or just run however you feel that day?

Courtney: I do not follow a training schedule every day. I wake up and I drink some coffee and then I kind of assess how my body and brain are feeling before I head out the door for my run. 

Interested individuals can submit their questions in advance or just log onto the Tailwind Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/tailwindnutrition/?hl=en