Skirt Sports, the originator of the running skirt, has been acquired by ZOOMA Women’s Race Series, bringing together two companies that have been an important part of the growth of women’s running.  

Based in Boulder, CO, Skirt Sports was launched in 2004 by Nicole DeBoom, a professional triathlete who wanted to add extra inspiration, style and fun – and coverage – to her workouts. Skirt Sports makes performance gear for women of all body types and fitness levels and is sold online and through select retailers.
“The merger of these two businesses is a perfect combination,” says Sarah Ratzlaff, owner of ZOOMA Women’s Race Series. “ZOOMA race weekends were designed to be supportive and empowering experiences for all women. And that’s exactly what the mission of Skirt Sports has also been — to bring women together and empower them to be comfortable in their own skin regardless of age, size, skin color or level of fitness.”  

The combined businesses will offer fitness challenges, an online running club, destination races, running skirts, athletic apparel and arguably one of the largest active female communities around.  

“It is an absolute honor to join forces with a company like Skirt Sports that is as passionate about female runners and athletes as we are at ZOOMA,” said Ratzlaff. “We look forward to the evolution of these two businesses coming together in a really big way.”