In recognition of the role mothers have played for their families in the trying times of a pandemic – and in celebration of Mother’s Day 2021 -- Saucony is launching a Mother’s Day Video it is calling ‘The Marathon That Never Ends.”

The company says that “one thing it’s safe to agree on after this strange and turbulent roller coaster of a year is that parents deserve a badge of honor for wearing all the hats: teacher, parent, employee, cheerleader and more.” Mothers in particular have been pushed to the limit as the pandemic continues, feeling the mental and physical strain.

According to a proprietary study conducted by Saucony’s Consumer Insight Team, the pandemic has pushed moms in unique and dire ways. While some moms are thriving, most are surviving, with 57 percent reporting their well-being has gotten worse, 89 percent saying they are somewhat extremely burned out and 77 percent acknowledging their mental health has been the top contributor to burnout since the start of the pandemic. 

Today Saucony is releasing a video to help raise awareness of the disproportionate burnout of mothers, an issue that has intensified since the start of the pandemic. In the new creative film, “The Marathon That Never Ends,” Saucony draws parallels between marathon running and motherhood, paying homage to all the moms who went the extra miles this past year. The film explains how during the pandemic year, moms in particular have faced more challenges and are bearing the brunt of childcare, housework and home-schooling.

To view the video: