In a continuation of the company’s long-standing partnership with thousands of independent retailers, OS1st has launched an online retailer resource hub with tools to help stores seamlessly place orders, onboard e-commerce and work with OS1st team members on store-specific projects. 

In addition to ordering and on-demand training, the resource hub connects retailers with OS1st’s recently added drop-ship program, which debuted at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to aid retailers in their shift to e-commerce. Other related programs include a social media advertising benefit and product upload from Fitted and RICS online platform. 

“This retail hub collects everything we were already providing for retailers, and puts it in one, easy-to-find spot,” says Inside Sales Manager Sabina Hardy. “We are constantly evolving to provide more value-added programs and benefits for our retailers, so they feel supported and appreciated for all they do to connect consumers with our life-changing products.” 

“As retailers’ shift focus to adapt to the current moment, we want to be right there with them,” president Josh Higgins adds. “I’ve worked shoe and run retail, and I know what it’s like to wait on vendors. The retail hub is a 24/7 resource that can be accessed anywhere to make sure every store owner, manager, and staff member has what they need to succeed in our partnership.” 

This recent retail-focused effort follows on the heels of the company’s “Not All Heros Wear Capes” essential workers donation program. For every pair of DC Comic Calf sleeves purchased, OS1st is donating a pair during a buy-one-give-one campaign.