Mizuno Corp. recently reported that its America region returned to profitability for the first time in four years, although sales fell for the third straight year.

The Americas region’s operating income in the year ended March 31 reached ¥160 million against a loss of ¥210 million the prior year. Revenues slumped 10 percent to ¥18.0 billion from ¥20.0 billion.

In its statement, Mizuno said sales in the Americas decreased due to a sales strategy emphasizing profitability. Profitability was also helped by a focus on the optimization of its corporate structure.

The statement noted that Mizuno Americas will be looking to expand sales by developing new products while also focusing on a reduction in fixed costs.

Companywide, Mizuno’s revenues in the year were down 3.9 percent and operating profit was down 5.2 percent. Net income was up 23.1 percent.