Boa Technology has renewed contracts and athlete additions to its Pioneer Program for the 2020-21 season. The program, which focuses on athletes across snowboard, cycling, trail run, and mountaineering, recently added elite level trail runner Grayson Murphy to the Pioneer team, joining the recently re-signed husband and wife trail running duo, Dominic and Katie Grossman.

“During a time when much of what these dedicated athletes do for a living is on hold in the usual sense, be it on the mountain, trails, or in competition, it is important for us to support this community and continue to build meaningful, long-term partnerships,” says Shawn Neville, CEO at Boa Technology. “Our product innovation efforts haven’t slowed during these uncertain and unprecedented times, and neither will our commitment to our Pioneers whose dedication to their sport is invaluable to our business.”

Murphy resides in her hometown of Salt Lake City, where she is focused on her professional running career with Saucony and exploring the trails where she first found her passion for running. 

“Our trail running products are packed with goodness and we choose our partners carefully. Together with BOA, we look forward to celebrating more of Grayson’s successes,” says Don Lane, CMO of Saucony.

Boa has also re-signed Pioneers Dominic and Katie Grossman, a trail running power couple out of Wrightwood, CA. The Grossmans can be found in the mountains they call home, trail running, ski touring, and adventuring with their young one in tow, in a relentless pursuit of optimization. 

“On any given run, the terrain can be drastically varied – especially when I’m covering ultra distances or climbing up to alpine,” says Katie Grossman. “The BOA Fit System gives me the precise, snug fit I need to confidently charge up and down the mountains.”