Run specialty retailers looking for a novel concept to bring to their regular customers should check out something called Fluid Running, a training regimen that reportedly provides all of the benefits of land running and more because each workout mimics land running form. 

Here's how it works: Runners make almost the same running motion in the water as if they are on the land, but their feet never touch the ground. Additionally, the resistance of the water, which is 800 times denser than air, challenges muscles of the legs, arms, core and cardiovascular system – all without any impact. Studies show that even competitive runners can replace 30 percent of their training with deep water running and maintain peak fitness. 

Many runners will turn to deep water running once they are injured, and for a good reason. The hydrostatic pressure of the deep water combined with the turbulence created when running actually helps flush out inflammation and can speed up recovery.

But runners do not need to be injured to realize this benefit. Running in the deep water, especially the day after a hard workout, is a way to get rid of that soreness while still getting in a great workout.  

One more thing: Since many runners are hesitant to try deep water running because they find it boring, the system is music-backed and coached with a variety of workouts from which to choose, including track workouts and guided 10K runs.

Fluid Running also takes the “guesswork” out of what is needed in terms of equipment as the system includes everything runners need, such as a premium flotation belt to Bluetooth waterproof headphones.   

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