“Since you are highlighting some small business run shops we wanted to tell you about how we partnered with a few others in our region for a shared shirt drive that all of our stores are promoting,” she says. “Thought it would be cool to share since we likely won’t make much money off it splitting it six ways, but the idea is fun.”


Together with the five other independent running stores – The Brick (Virginia), Black Dog Running Company (South Carolina), Howe2Run (Georgia), Two Rivers Treads (West Virginia) and Ohio Valley Running Company (Ohio) –  they are selling a “super soft T-shirt” whose sales will benefit the stores. Sales will remain open until April 12 and orders will ship  April 17, but runners can opt to have their shirt sent to  RunAbout or the other retailers for local pick-up. They also have select sizes in their store for purchase.


Ten dollars of every shirt sale goes to the participating retailer.


“Scattered, not divided. We may be socially distanced but only in physical space, not emotional connection,” Bowerstock says. “We are so thankful for you, our community, supporting our small business in this uncertain time in society.”


Another effort Runabout is promoting is aptly named “Friendly Vandalism.” In it Runabout is encouraging runners to visit local hospitals, grocery stores or just a neighbor’s driveway and leave words of encouragement. Then they should send Runabout their photos to post on its social channels.


And earlier this month, through April 2, Runabout was accepting donations both in the store or via Venmo to provide meals to healthcare, grocery and other front-line workers tirelessly trying to keep its communities healthy, safe, and fed.