Although race directors love creating actual in-person races, that’s just not currently a reality with the necessary safety measures in place. So Run Solo 2020 has been created with the sole purpose of giving runners something to look forward to while raising much-needed funding for running stores, clubs, and school teams. 

The Run Solo Project is a collection of three different virtual challenges. The first is a four-week virtual 5K race series starting April 27 and ending on May 24.

Running stores can sign up here to get listed on the registration form:

“Alongside our event management company, we also own two specialty running stores in Southern California,” the organizers point out. “So, much like you, we are personally experiencing first-hand how difficult a time like this can be. With the event industry on pause for an indeterminable amount of time, we have been scrambling to adapt and survive because events made up about 80 percent of our revenue. After the idea of the Run Solo Project was created, we, as specialty running store owners ourselves, thought we should unite and support other owners across the nation.
“In addition to this being a revenue opportunity, Run Solo will offer your store the ability to continue your connection with your customers in perhaps a different outlet than normal. This will be a fun, interactive challenge to keep your customers and the community engaged while joining in for some healthy competition.”
Here’s how it works:
• Participants will be asked to run a 5K each week for four weeks, either on a local route or on a treadmill each for four weeks. They are asked to use a GPS watch or phone with GPS app to track time and distance.
• When participants register they will be asked to join a team. That team will receive a portion of their entry fee. They can choose a specialty running store, a school cross-country team or running club and that organization or store will receive $20 of each $50 registration fee.
• Runners then upload their results by Sunday night of each week (upon registering, the organizers will send participants instructions on how to upload their results).
• The 5K can be run any day of the week and results must be uploaded by Sunday night of each week. (Only one result for each week. The idea is that runners select one day per week to run a little harder than normal.)
• Runners register to join a team they would like to support while registering.
• Of course, there’s swag involved. At the completion of the series runners will be mailed their technical Run Solo Workout shirt and a handmade medal.
• The organizers will aggreghate submitted results so participants can see how they did in relation to everyone else.
• And, of course, there will be a huge Post-Race Party. Actually, runners will party at home with their families as they are encouraged to indulge in excessive fun after they complete virtual challenge.

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