As the running specialty industry gathers in Austin, TX, for The Running Event 2022 – Nov. 29-Dec. 1 – the Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC) will be partnering with Saucony to hold a fun CommUnity Run on the morning of Wednesday, November 30.

The Details

  • When: Wednesday, Nov, 30 at 6:00 AM CST
  • Run/Walk Length: Approximately 3.6 miles
  • Start: Sunset House, 310 East 3rd Street, Austin, TX
  • End: Trail of Lights in Austin, TX
  • Parking: Free parking at the Hilton (500 E. 4th Street) with validated ticket
  • Transportation: Buses will be available to transport back to the start or participants can run/walk the 2.4 miles back
  • Registration: Sign up by Nov. 25th

The running industry has been and continues to be primarily a business and culture of white people and TRE's attendance has reflected the industry's lack of diversity. In response, the RIDC is working with the event organizers and Saucony to help change that as it seeks to challenge the current status quo while amplifying the inclusion, access and roles of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the industry. The coalition is united by the belief that running, walking and fitness support a healthy culture and should be accessible for everyone.

The CommUnity Run will include attendees of TRE and RIDC and Saucony are inviting Austin's highly diverse local running community to participate in taking a step toward creating a more diverse and equitable running culture and industry. 

RIDC's long-term goals include increasing BIPOC employment, increasing BIPOC leadership/ownership, increasing the share of BIPOC suppliers, vendors, and contractors hired, and increasing BIPOC participation. Additionally, it works to improve authentic BIPOC representation in media and marketing and for 100 percent of BIPOC runners to report feeling welcome, included and safe at running stores, clubs and events.

Check out the event page on the RIDC website:

Register for the CommUnity Run: