When is an old pair of shoes even better as a yoga mat? Simple — when Kane Footwear  launches a new recycling program April 10 called Project Renew that turns used Revive slip-ons into yoga mats and changing mats. 

Yes, the recovery footwear can now live on as part of a unique product line that is the latest in the footwear brand’s ongoing sustainability efforts. Here’s how it works:

Kane is offering this recycling solution for customers who want their Revives to live a new life. These eco-conscious customers can request a pre-paid shipping label to send their shoes to Lavarubber, a company that will then grind down the shoes for use in yoga and changing mats. 

Lava Rubber’s manufacturing process is similar to molten lava — while Mother Earth regenerates lava into new land, Lava Rubber is doing the same with salvaged scraps headed for the trash. Instead of ending up in a landfill, the company upcycles these resilient materials into useful products. 

Even better, as an incentive, Kane is offering a $10 gift card in exchange for returned shoes. 

The MSRP for the yoga mat is $100 and the changing mat is $60. These will also be available on the Kane site after the launch during the week of April 10 and beyond. 

The Revive slip-on is already made from a renewable, plant-based EVA foam alternative that is composed of more than 75 percent sugarcane by-product. Their signature RestoreFoam retains CO2 sequestered during the sugarcane’s growth cycle, making it a carbon negative material. 

“Sustainability has always been a core tenet of Kane’s principles and this latest initiative expands our offerings even further, providing customers with a simple upcycling option to keep their shoes out of the landfill,” says John Gagliardi, Kane Footwear founder and CEO. “The teal Kane logo on these mats, which are made from recycled Revives, pays homage to our previous Earth Day shoe. Every year we offer a special Earth Day launch and this year we’re excited to launch both a shoe and Project Renew, our biggest step yet in expanding our sustainability promise.”

The MSRP for the yoga mat is $100 and the changing mat is $60. .  

In another eco-move, Kane Footwear is also launching its annual Earth Day shoe in the Sunset/Earth Speckle (MSRP: $75) colorway on April 5 (photo at left). The colorway celebrates the heritage of the Brazilian sugarcane that inspired the product. It will be $75 MSRP and will also be available on the Revive Kids page starting April 5 for an MSRP of $60.