Sometimes retailers just need to talk with other retailers, and they have certainly been reaching out through Running Insight to keep in touch with their community. Here we share some of the messages we have received and the following pages offer some case histories of what run specialty retailers re doing In these challenging times to keep the faith … and to keep in touch with their own run families.


Colorado Running:

Forced Layoff, Big Opportunities

I don’t know what to really put in the subject line. This morning at 8:00 Colorado went under a “stay at home” order until April 11. I know some of my fellow retailers have been under a similar order.

We at CRC are working hard to budget our cash and reserve cash to come out of this as well as possible. At the same time we are re-working our employee manuals and job descriptions. We are using this forced layoff to get those things done we haven’t had time to do. We are planning what our store will look like when we finally get a chance to re-open. 

How many of you like me have said, “If I only had time I’d...” Well, most of us now have time. Use it!

We’ve all been here before in other situations in life. I personally like to compare this time to lap seven of a 5000-meter track race. We’ve just gone through the mile in a few seconds above our PR and now we are trying to hang on for dear life — and we always hung on. We may not have always run a personal best, but we crossed that finish line and had given everything. That is what we must do now.

The RIA has been a tremendous help with the emails and support.

If you need me I’m sitting at home or Zwifting on the bike when I’m not working on any of the above. Reach out if you need to chat, bitch or just call me names. My cell is 719-331-4949.

If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call back. I’m still getting spam calls about my car warranty. It’s a 1998 Toyota 4-Runner. I’d take the extended warranty in a second, but after I tell them the year they always hang up.

John O’Neill

The Colorado Running Company

5262 N. Nevada Ave. Ste. 140

Colorado Springs, CO 80918



PYRC: commUNITY Support

The current situation regarding the country’s response to the COVID-19 virus on a national and local level is evolving daily, if not hourly. Without overreacting, we are trying to do right for both our customers, and our community.

If there is something you want or need, we want to be here to help. If you are unable to visit the store or are uncomfortable coming in, we will help. Just call us with what you need and we will arrange free delivery or drive through pick-up service. Hopefully this will provide an easy way for you to continue in the sport that we all love.

A great way to support small local businesses during this time is to purchase gift cards now, for future purchases. As such, we want to announce another effort we will be launching to support our local business owners and residents. Effective immediately and until at least the end of March, we will direct 10 percent of all retail sales and 15 percent of PYRC gift card purchases towards the support of our local businesses and community.

We will use this money to purchase gift cards from local businesses and distribute them to local families in need.

Thank you for your patience as we all work together to figure this out together. We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful community and can’t tell you how much we appreciate your continued support.

Pace Yourself Run Company, Holly Springs, NC




Spreading Positivity

Welp, it’s March and we find ourselves basically on a new planet. And the worst part is, we might not even get acclimated to this world before it dramatically changes again. But after the 10th or 12th disaster strikes, really all you can do is try to find the opportunity and some positivity.

That’s what we’re doing at BibRave. We’re brainstorming the hell out of the industry, and we’re spreading positivity. And now, we want you to join us.

Self-isolation and gym closures mean tons of people are logging miles who would not otherwise be running. That means the biggest barrier to entry for our sport – just getting started – is organically being lowered.  We see this uptick as a critical opportunity, so we’re launching a collective movement called “Release the Runner,” a campaign aimed at mobilizing existing runners to encourage and recruit “non-runners” into the sport. This is a totally agnostic, unbranded, organic movement whereby everyone in running – races, brands, vendors, runners – can work together to grow the sport. 

And we have to grow the sport. We need a bigger pie, otherwise many elements of the industry will not survive.

If you want move information on how to get involved email [email protected]. It’s more important than ever for us to work together. 

Tim, Jess and Team BibRave