1. Hydrate, even if you aren’t thirsty

“Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial. Start drinking water as soon as you wake up and consistently take it before, during and after training. Your body and performance on race day will thank you!” — Marty Hehir


  1. Run with a partner or join a club – it’s more fun that way!

“The beauty of running with a friend or in a club is that you can play off of each other’s strengths as you work together to reach your goals. Having someone training with you can bring a huge comfort. Not only does it help hold you accountable, but it also provides enduring experiences and memories. Whether it’s a tough workout or recovery day, a partner can encourage you to dig deeper or remind you to slow down. For me, the miles always fly by talking to a friend!” — Josette Norris


  1. Fuel up with simple, whole foods
    “Fueling before a run, you want to stick to simple carbohydrates such as bananas, white bread or oatmeal. It’s okay to include a little bit of protein and fat, such as peanut butter, but mainly, you should consume an easily digestible carb source to provide that quick energy that you need!” — Paige Stone
  2. Choose the best shoe option for you

“Test out your options and choose what works best for you and your feet. Treat yourself and have a few different styles of shoe depending on what kind of running you have planned for that day. My go-to is Reebok’s Floatride Energy Symmetros for all of my longer runs – it has the perfect balance of bounce and cushion to keep my feet happy mile after mile. On shorter runs, I love Reebok’s Floatride Energy 3 – it provides great bounce with a little less weight on your feet, the best of both worlds.” — Colin Bennie

  1. Commit to Rest Days – Actually.
    1. “Rest. Rest. Rest. It’s really that simple, but it’s often overlooked. Anyone training, pro or not, should commit to rest days. We always say let’s make the hard days hard and make the easy days easy. They’re equally as important.” — Coach Fox