Runners feel Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) more acutely at the start of a new training regimen or as they increase duration or intensity of their exercise. With athletes of all levels about to kick it into high gear as they emerge from Stay-At-Home orders, the likelihood of lingering muscle soreness is better than ever.

While there’s a lot still unknown about DOMS, most research supports the notion it is triggered by eccentric exercise where greater mechanical stress happens. Eccentric exercise is that which causes the muscle to lengthen while contracting activities like the lowering of a weight during a shoulder press or curl, the downward motion of a push up, or running/walking downhill.

HOTSHOT is the Game Changer that run specialty retailers can offer their customers as they get back into the run of things.

Originally developed specifically to prevent and treat muscle cramps by managing hyper-excited nerves in fatiguing muscles, new evidence also supports HOTSHOT helping with muscle soreness. In a home use test among almost 300 Athletes, 92. percent of participants reported less muscle soreness the next day when using HOTSHOT during a workout, or as a pre-workout drink.

Additionally, 88 percent claimed their next day workouts were better because they felt less muscle soreness.

That’s why five-time Triathlon World Champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander is a believer.

“Getting back into a more structured training routine after any extended time off, is usually for me a smooth transition mentally but can be more challenging physically,” he says. “You need to factor in how the increase in training loads will affect your body’s ability to consistently perform and recover. I am skeptical by nature when it comes to the latest nutritional promises, however I discovered HOTSHOT years ago and find. it very effective when I'm in hard training."

HOTSHOT is all Natural, NSF Certified for Sport, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten free, Vegan, and Kosher. To learn more about the science of HOTSHOT, visit

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