Gyms are closed, races have been cancelled and group runs are a figment of the recent, fond past. In this age of social distancing and voluntary isolation, dedicated athletes and hobbyists  alike are adapting to the newfound inaccessibility of group exercise regimens. Now, running is  finding a place in the spotlight as the ideal candidate for aerobic exercise. In the search for fresh routes and exciting alternatives, avid runners are heading to the trails. 

As the popularity of trail running surges and general aversion to group events heightens, the solitude of the trail begs to be embraced. The folks at Luno Life have developed a solution to get people out to the remote trails, running freely on unexplored terrain, more comfortably than ever before. 

The Luno Air Mattress turns an everyday vehicle into a campsite, allowing you to sleep just about anywhere in the comfort of your vehicle. The air mattress is four inches thick and 6-feet 6-inches long in its largest configuration. The product offers convenient, comfortable, safe accommodations without the need to convert or purchase a camper van. 

Shelby, a Luno Air Mattress owner and proven trail running advocate, recounts a recent  excursion she took with her Luno Air Mattress: 

“It was a Friday evening and after work, we decided to head up to this ridgeline trail we had  seen on Google Maps. We packed our shoes, water, a couple of snacks and our Luno Air Mattress, which turned out to be all we needed. That night we slept in the back of our car and at sunrise, we laced up and headed out along the wandering path. We didn’t see another soul  the whole time. Now that we have our air mattress, I think we’ll be having a few more  adventures like these.” 

The Luno Air Mattress was built for runners and in a time like this it has never been more  appealing to hop in a vehicle, drive away from the city sidewalks and wake up with trails  only strides away. As life slowly trickles back to normal, consider swapping group running events for the solitude of the backcountry, the convenience of a Luno air mattress and the  open trails before you, where Nature is your only companion.