Balega International​ is continuing its support of ​Breast Cancer Prevention Partners​ (BCPP) with the release of its Fall 2020 limited edition ​Grit and Grace collection. One dollar from every pair of Grit and Grace socks sold will benefit BCPP, which is a science-based advocacy organization that works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

This year’s collection of Grit and Grace socks includes three inspirational phrases that embody the Balega spirit of Ubuntu, which is the Zulu word for “shared humanity” or “I am because we are.” 

This year, the phrases: ​Embrace Kindness​ , ​Defy Gravity​ , and ​Brave Badass​ are embroidered on six unique and brightly colored socks. New for this year, the sock style featuring the phrase “Brave Badass” will also be available in size large.

“The three inspirational phrases in this year’s collection represent the life of Balega Ambassador and lifelong runner,  Kim Stemple,” explains Tanya Pictor, VP of Balega Marketing. “We were devastated by her passing last year, but she continues to inspire our Grit and Grace collection by having lived her life to the fullest and being a pure symbol of Ubuntu in sharing her love and goodwill. We dedicate our collection to Kim and her relentless efforts to make our world a better place for everyone.”

The 2020 Grit and Grace collection became available at run specialty stores for a limited time, beginning September 15, and will retail for $14 per pair.