On has been busy this fall with a number of initiatives aimed at the run specialty market.

First, On launched its subscription-based service to support recyclable sportswear. The subscription service, named Cyclon, will allow subscribers to receive and wear running sportswear and then return end-of-life products back to On in exchange for the latest version. Once the used item is returned, it will be fully recycled by On, which will then re-use the materials to create new running gear.

On says the Cyclon subscription service incentivizes customers to participate in On’s sustainability initiative and actively contribute to the brand’s commitment to drive zero waste.

“The Cyclon service is a groundbreaking new way to become more sustainable, while also ensuring the running performance is never compromised for our customers,” explains On co-founder Caspar Coppetti. “Customers who sign up today will be the first ones to get the latest in sustainable running technology.”

The first product to be released as part of the Cyclon service will be a fully recyclable running shoe, also named Cyclon. The shoe will be available exclusively via the subscription service in the latter half of 2021.

Also recently, On partnered on an in-store activation with Fred Segal, including a monthly rotating experiential laboratory at the chain’s flagship location on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. The experiential laboratory will showcase the movement, textiles, sustainability and versatility central to On’s collection. An On in-store shop will also be available at Fred Segal Malibu, CA.

The space itself was designed for that purpose in mind — to showcase the next generation of design through a research and innovation lab concept. Highlighting stories that convey movement, sustainability, product innovation and design, the space will feature the brand’s most premium product across running, outdoor and all-day performance.