Since we had the time we chose our favorites from the three days of the show and wrote some clever captions to entertain our readers and reminisce about how great it was to get back together face-to-face – and mask-to-mask – for the first time in a long time. 

Enjoy, and mark TRE22 on your calendar for Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2022 back in Austin. As you will see from these photos, it promises to once again be a good time! 

In the photo above, we were wondering if it was the March of the Zombies but, no, it is just the eerie early-morning scene at the Indie5K at the Circuit of The Americas as dedicated runners waited for the sun to rise and warm things up a bit. More than 300 runners did just that.

People sitting on floor for keynote presentation

It was SRO – Sitting Room Only – for the keynote presentation by Parker Karnan that opened TRE21. Fortunately running retailers are a flexible group and don’t mind a little floor time when something interesting is going on.

Danny Smith presenting

Hey, listen up, this stuff is important! You can be sure Running Insight senior writer Danny Smith had everyone’s full attention as he presented his “101 Great Ideas for Running Retailers.” Here’s one of them as a sure key to success in 2022: Read whatever Danny Smith writes. 

Blue TRE caps

It’s all about the swag at TRE so hopefully everyone got to go home with the cool official TRE21 running caps from Headsweats. We have about a dozen in our office.

Sign for educational session

It was just like going back to school again, but you got to wear shorts and learn about running stuff. Much better than math or science.

People wearing masks

Mask On, Mask Off? No! It was Mask On all of the time while inside the Austin Convention Center, by mandate from the City of Austin. But everyone got used to it and it was certainly better than the alternative of another virtual Zoom meeting.

Opening night party band

As one attendee put it, TRE was like going to a high school reunion, but you wanted to be there! That was the vibe at the Opening Night party, which had a high school reunion theme and funny photos of running people – along with a rocking band that knew all of the oldies. 

Running 5K in pink dress

And they’re off, in all sorts of running apparel. Apparently wearing a big pink dress with a blonde wig is part of the 2022 running apparel collection at one major brand.

Man no pants or shirt 5K

Um, excuse me, sir, but you seem to have forgotten to wear your pants … and your shirt. But at least your hat is keeping you warm.

Sock Bar on show floor

There was plenty of socks appeal on the show floor by the major vendors, most of whom showed off their new products at the Sock Bar. If there is one thing Running Insight editors like it is sock samples, and we went home with plenty.

5K winners with awards

Fast times at The Running Event, as some of the top finishers in that morning’s Indie 5K slow down enough to accept their awards. No, Running Insight editors were not among the top finishers this year.

Palmetto Running accepting Impact Award

One of our favorite retailers, Palmetto Running, was overjoyed when they received the Impact Award from On Running. They certainly took that back to the Lowcountry to continue their good work impacting running and the environment at the same time.

Pink Saucony swag bags

One of our favorite scenes was watching people carrying these huge pink swag bags from Saucony into the Brooks and ASICS booths. A great bit of guerilla marketing from the shoe brand that certainly got noticed by our photographers.

Scott Dvorak of Charlotte accepting store of the year award at TRE

Someone had to stay back to run the store, so when Charlotte Running Company’s Scott Dvorak received the Store of the Year Award he made sure those back home could share in the moment via video.

Best stores celebrating at TRE

Everyone is a winner and some celebrated more than others when receiving their 2021 Best Retail Stores Award. They all deserved it after the year they all had!

Nuun jar handing out samples

Thirsty? Nuun was providing enough hydration for everyone at the Indie 5K. “Just be careful where you squeeze me,” said the big jar.

Sheep wearing socks

A sheep wearing socks? Sure, if you like Merino and walk by the Darn Tough booth.

Christina Henderson speaking at TRE

Shortly before she lost her voice completely, The Running Event executive director and publisher of Running Insight, Christina Henderson, served as emcee of the closing ceremonies and awards program. She was able to keep the program moving and on schedule, always important when there is an open bar!