With apologies to our colleagues at Glamour, whose “Glamour Dos Don’ts” have defined generations of beauty, style and fashion advice for America’s women (and sometimes men), here is our list of RI Dos and RI Don’ts for running apparel in 2021.


DO … Accessorize

There’s nothing better for a retailer than an impulse sale after a customer has purchased shoes and socks. Think of the margins when they add a hat or a reflective vest to complete the ensemble.


DON’T … Clutter

Customers can’t choose a running shirt or pair of shorts if they are bunched together with a bunch of other stuff on a shelf. Keep it neat and stylish É like the clothes themselves.


DO … Curate

You should know better than anyone what is selling, what goes with what and what brands your customers favor. Make some of the initial buying decisions for them.


DON’T … Turn out the lights

Clothing is best seen in flattering light. Attractive mini-spots or track lighting can bring a focus and help shoppers see the colors and textures. Get rid of the 100-watt daylight bulbs.


DO … Use props

As Holly Wiese of 3 Dots Design writes in the January issue of Running Insight, people are more visual than we realize, especially when it comes to clothing. Don’t be afraid to display apparel on some unexpected props to help catch the attention of runners passing by. And, of course, use mannequins.


DON’T … Pile on

Clothing should be easily visible, so use rounders or hangers and don’t stack shirts on top of each other. They inevitably turn into a jumbled mess.


DO … Have favorable return policies

Many stores in these pandemic times are allowing customers to bring clothing home to try on rather than using changing rooms Ñ and then letting them return the pieces they don’t want to buy. More work for the store, but comfort and safety are paramount.


DON’T … Forget men

Sure, women are most style conscious and will be more likely to grab that cute top. But men needs shirts and shorts, too. Just don’t overwhelm them with choices.


DO … Leave plenty of room

Like your shoe fitting area, clothing shoppers need their space Ñ for both safety and modesty reasons. Carve out some room, put in a few mirrors and make people comfortable.


DON’T … Be trend-wrong

Running apaprel is, after all, a mix of fashion and performance. Keep up on colors, styles and fabrications. And read Running Insight (and Glamour) to be trend-right.


DO … Carry sport bras

Make sure you have female staff to answer questions and help fit and a dedicated area wouldn’t hurt. You’d be amazed at the sales increase of this personal item if you offer a little personal space.