Kahtoola, creator of the MICROspikes and NANOspikes foot-wear traction products, has launched a cross-terrain traction product called EXOspikes. They are billed as “the first footwear traction product to truly serve the versatile needs of trail runners, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts when navigating everything from snow-covered mountain trails to icy roads, all with one product.”

Prior to EXOspikes, traction was designed specifically for use on either roads or trails, but none that provided safe, comfortable and trustworthy cross-terrain performance for both during the same outdoor adventure.

EXOspikes footwear traction features 12 spikes per foot, each with three levels of traction: extremely durable tungsten car-bide tips for bite into ice, aluminum steps for grip on uneven surfaces and TPU lugs for grip on loose terrain.

Designed with open TPU Traction Matrix, EXOspikes keep footwear tread engaged with the terrain for additional grip and per-formance and a revised TPE elastomer harness allows EXO-spikes to fit over trail or hiking shoes and stay stretchy down to -22°F.