Whether it was the orb-filled, bright pink midsole or the $300 price tag, Mizuno captured attention earlier this month with the debut of the Mizuno ENERZY, a signature shoe that delivers the highest energy return ratio and softest cushioning in Mizuno’s 114-year product history.

An innovation Mizuno had hoped to showcase in conjunction with the 2020 Olympic Games in its hometown of Tokyo this summer, the ENERZY signature shoe features the new ENERZY CORE technology. The bounciest, plushest material Mizuno has ever brought to market, ENERZY CORE claims to be nearly 300 percent softer and to provide 56 percent more rebound than any previously used midsole material.

According to Chuck Couch, vice president of Mizuno USA’s running division, only 300 pairs of the Mizuno ENERZY were available in North America.

While the ENERZY CORE material will not immediately appear in any of Mizuno’s in-line performance running footwear, its innovative midsole sibling ENERZY(FOAM) is present in both the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 and Wave Sky 4 set to drop on July 15 and August 1, respectively. ENERZY(FOAM) is 17 percent softer and 15 percent more responsive than previous best-in-class midsole materials. “We’re excited about the innovation we’re bringing to market and feel confident in telling consumers and retailers alike that the best is yet to come,” Couch says.