Running brand inov-8 has launched Twin-Spike technology in the outsoles of its new shoes. By adding two metal spikes to the rubber studs, rather than the traditional use of a single spike, Inov-8 is giving runners double the grip.

The new OROC shoes are designed for orienteers and runners who race off the trail, thus encountering all kinds of unpredictable terrain. The strong spikes protrude from rubber studs as the outsole hits the ground, digging into frozen terrain, holding firm on slippery rocks and providing traction through mud.

There are two models featuring the new Twin-Spike technology — the OROC 270 and OROC Ultra 290. The OROC 270 weighs just 270g and has a snug fit for running fast. The OROC ULTRA 290 weighs 20g more but boasts a roomier fit for increased comfort over longer distances.

The OROC 270 has 48 metal spikes per pair and the OROC ULTRA 290 has 60.

Both models also include a flexible underfoot protection plate and a Powerflow+ midsole for energy return, plus durable upper materials that repel water and hold tough against prickly vegetation.

“Following on our pioneering use of graphene in running, hiking and fitness footwear, we are now the first brand to use a Twin-Spike design in shoes for orienteers and off-trail runners, all of whom face unpredictable terrain that is often hidden by vegetation,” explains Inov-8 COO Michael Price.

“By increasing the number of spikes on each pair compared to previous models and configuring them in a way that allows the twin spikes to work in tandem, we have boosted grip levels and given these athletes the confidence to attack unpredictable off-trail terrain.”