New Zealand-based natural performance apparel company, Icebreaker, is launching a seasonal collection to further inspire customers to make the “Move to natural” and adopt natural performance essentials into their everyday lives. This includes both new and updated heritage products, featuring 100 percent Merino and plant-based alternatives.

This season, Icebreaker redesigned two legendary heritage products, the Tech Tee II and Quantum Hood III Mid Layer, to be 100 percent Merino. The same comfort and performance, now without the plastic fibers. To further raise the bar, Icebreaker is also introducing two new iconic wardrobe staples, the 15.5 Micron Base Layer and the Sonebula.

“Since Icebreaker started 26 years ago, we have always looked to nature for a better way,” says Icebreaker global brand president Jan Van Mossevelde. “We've had to make some hard choices as we Move to natural in order to support our mission of having all plastic-free fibers by 2023. Redesigning some of our best-selling heritage products to use 100 percent natural fibers was a no-brainer as we work towards our plastic free fiber goal.”

Earlier this year, Icebreaker’s Transparency Report revealed that in 2021, 91 percent of its total fiber composition is now Merino or plant-based, with 65 percent more styles being made with 100 percent Merino or plant-based fibers. The updates to the latest collection of natural performance essentials are designed for multi-use and optimum comfort and versatility, offering a more natural choice for everyday performance wear.