As the industry reopens – and runners start ramping up their workouts in the warmer weather after enduring a pandemic-mandated lockdown – an unintended result is called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Runners feel DOMS most acutely with a change in routine or increase in intensity or duration of exercise versus what their bodies are used to feeling.

Hotshot is giving retailers an answer to the sore muscles their customers will inevitably feel as they return to running.

“We know Hotshot works in reducing muscle soreness and there has been research done on the role for agitated nerves on the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness,” says the company’s Matt Wohl. He explains that Hotshot works by targeting the sensitive nerves that are not used to strenuous use. “Not having to worry about soreness hampering a workout might be the difference between a bumpy or seamless transition back to training.”

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