On Saturday, April 4, runners from around the world ran responsibly, on their own but never alone thanks to an initiative of Naked Sports Innovations, makers of the Naked running Band, Vest and Spra.

Challenged to complete an indoor or outdoor 5K or 10K run – within the dramatic constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic – the results and, especially the stories, were truly inspiring. Participants from dozens of countries from South Africa to South-East Asia, from Europe and North and South America and to parts in between, laced up their shoes and ran. The company reported that the event reached more than 200,000 people worldwide.

Some did it in tiny hotel rooms on lockdown; others got dizzy circling their back yards; many ran on the treadmill; some lucky few got out onto the trails; and still others ran around the block; and everyone did their distance following strict local quarantine protocols.

A group of 15 prize winners were selected based not just on their pace (given the variables) but on their motivation. This quote represents the true spirit of the event:

“I am living with my girlfriend in a 50-square-meter apartment so it was a challenge to run 5km. But it is nothing compared to medical services, police, army, food sector, pharmacy, and so many people risking their lives while we stay at home. Therefore, it is not my story, it is their story, it is our story.”