Fitted’s connectivity platform made quite an impact late last year with its Dynamic Distribution solution that ignited retailer collaboration, optimized inventory strategy and increased profitability for both brands and retailers. Now its latest software solution launches new functionality to streamline multiple brand orders and payments in a universal cart. 

The idea is to connect retailers and brands in ways that were not previously available.

With a universal ordering platform such as this, Fitted claims, retailers and brands can focus on improving strategy, building relationships and delivering experiences and products rather than spending valuable time on monotonous processes. 

Fitted’s connectivity platform enables retailers to place all of their orders and manage invoices in a single place — no more logging into various brand B2Bs. Streamlining the ordering process and unlocking payment optionality provides the ability for retailers to focus on building communities and customer experiences.

Brands Jumping On the Platform

Notable brands jumping on board early with Fitted’s orders and/or payments solution include Saucony, OS1st, revere, ASICS, Coros, Mizuno, Spira and Rip-It.

The company makes a number of claims for its new tech:

• By unlocking Fitted’s universal shopping experience, brands can see an increase in conversion rates and boost average order value by up to 22 percent. 

• Brands get paid immediately upfront for all retailer orders while still being able to offer payment optionality and extended terms. 

• The functionality keeps products flowing and dismantles the antiquated concept of accounts receivable. 

• Inventory insights provide brand management with powerful data to proactively maximize margins, reduce out-of-stock impact and improve sell-through.

Revolutionizing Retail Success

“Fitted is revolutionizing how retail is done so everyone can succeed,” says Monte Keleher, Fitted CEO and co-founder. “We are focused on delivering innovation to brands and retailers across the globe. 

“Our incredible partners are joining us in paving the way to shape the future of retail,” he adds. “We are fortunate to work with brands who not only want to grow their own business and want to help retailers flourish.”