Freshly, the leading prepared meal delivery service in the U.S., and ASICS have teamed up to custom curate a lineup of meals that are prepared, delivered fresh and dietician-designed to help optimize runners' performance and recovery.

Launching just in time for race season, the Freshly + ASICS meal plans will feature an advanced array of effortless meals – crafted from clean, whole-food ingredients – that let runners skip the marathon meal-prep and focus their time and energy on what matters most: the run.

The limited-edition collaboration features three meal plans: one for pre-race, one for post-race and one for sustainable wellness. Runners simply select the plan or plans that best fit their training needs and they receive an auto-populated cart featuring the corresponding meals curated by Freshly's in-house nutritionist. Meals are then delivered directly to members' doors and ready to eat in three minutes or less.

"Our goal at Freshly is to provide convenient and healthy meals to our customers that meet the demands of their varied routines and schedules," explains Freshly VP–B2B Tom Futch. "We know that the vast majority of our subscriber base values an active lifestyle, so we're thrilled to be working with one of the biggest names in running to offer an effortless way to fuel up and recover this training season."

The Freshly + ASICS collaboration is made up of three custom menus featuring fully prepared and fresh meals designed to support training and performance:

  • Pre-Race: Fuel up to go strong.
    Need an easy way to load up on carbs before a race or training run? Explore a variety of pre-race meals that are carb-supercharged and contain less fat and fiber that can slow you down. (350-600 calories per meal)
  • Post-Race: Recover. Recharge. Replenish.
    Keep your body nourished and primed to recharge with a lineup of meals that feature moderate levels of protein to assist with muscle recovery and carbs to help replenish muscles' energy stores. (350-600 calories per meal)
  • Run, Fuel, Repeat: Tackle the challenges ahead.
    Carb- and calorie-conscious meals specifically designed to help achieve your wellness goals. Savor satisfying dishes that are effortless for every day and powered by 20 grams of protein or more per serving. (250-500 calories per meal)

"At ASICS, we're all about helping people achieve and maintain a sound mind in a sound body," adds Joe Pace, head of business development at ASICS. "Our partnership with Freshly allows us to deliver a more complete and personalized experience for walkers, joggers and runners through nutritious meals designed for active lifestyles. We're excited to continue supporting our community in all aspects of their fitness journeys and tasty, healthy food is essential on the path to a sound mind and sound body."

The Freshly + ASICS meal plans are now available for a limited time as part of Freshly's weekly subscriptions that start at $8.99 per meal.