The Elevator Pitch: Currex was founded as a biomechanics lab based in Germany to develop the world’s first systematic running shoe fitting using scanner and pressure plates. The company has partnered with running shoe brands such as Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony, ASICS, ECCO and others to help selecting the perfect shoe for their customers.

The Insole Story: “With our expertise in gait analysis and running shoe finding solutions, Currex was asked by a global sports brand in Germany to design the perfect insole for running shoes due to the lack of support and individualization of the standard liner,” explains Lutz Klein, CEO and president of Currex U.S.  “What started as a simple design project, turned out to be the launch of global success story which made Currex RunPro one of the best-selling sports insole in the U.S.”

The Insole Technology: Currex introduced an insole that is scientifically proven to significantly improve comfort and fit of the running shoe while at the same time reducing plantar pressure. This means, the product can be shown to the majority of runners instead of “injured only“ customers. All SKUs have a unique arch support and shape to accommodate the various gaits, foot types and body weights. “To not conflict with the shoe technology, all Currex insoles are zero drop, have a dynamic arch support and a decoupled heel,” Klein adds, which further ensures the orthotic will fit cleanly and work with the shoe’s intended function and with the body’s natural mechanics.

The Retail Advantage: Currex offers what it calls “the most customized OTC insole in the market,” providing customers with individualized fitting to perfect the comfort of their favorite running shoe while reducing pressure, increasing support and helping avoid common injuries — a great enabler to position brick-and-mortar vs. E-commerce.

The Product Story: Currex has three arch profiles (High, Medium, Low) to help create a full and consistent point of contact from heel to toe, creating an immediate comfort increase in motion. These three should be able to accommodate some plus 80-90 percent of the average running store customer.

The Currex Fitting Technology: By using the Currex Footdisc, customers can see firsthand how the bottom of their foot does not completely meet the bottom of the ground, or of their shoe. “Alternatively, runners can simply try all three profiles and compare to what the shoes come,” says Klein. “The great part of the multi-profile design is that retailers can also use any other technology available, which measure the guests arch.”

The Consumer Benefit: “Not every customer will know their arch type, so using the Footdisc makes it easy,” Klein explains. After a couple of seconds, the footprint’s shape will appear to determine if their arch is high, medium or low. The huge benefit over high-tech solutions is the simplicity and speed. Within seconds guests can be measured and helped. “There’s no queuing, no losing of guests who don’t want to wait to be served,” Klein explains. “The key is a great product — measuring is only a tool to help introducing the category.”

The COVID-19 Impact: Currex is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) project, which allows stores to simply take a picture of the person in the store and match the right insole type. This can be done by either the sales staff or customer in case COVID requires social distancing. Currex AI was just launched for a pilot program in Europe, where the company took pictures of some 20.000 feet and clustered them into the three different profiles.

More on Footdisc: Regarding the Footdisc, the quick imprint can be read in 10 seconds, allowing for short interactions with the technology. Also, the Footdisc is light and portable, so it can be taken outside for curbside pickup as well as moved around the store from customer to customer.

What’s Next: As more consumers come into run specialty stores for help with walking shoes and everyday comfort, Currex is introducing its SupportSTP line to running specialty.