GU Energy Labs has donated more than 65,000 product packages to more than 175 hospitals, medical care facilities, fire departments, police departments and other first responders across the country that are going above and beyond to keep the community safe and save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. These critical roles require stamina and endurance, and GU is honored to feed the need to move and help support these front-line heroes during these critical times.

“People on the frontline are taking huge risks to take care of the rest of us — their hours are longer than ever, supplies are limited and the value of having energy is at an all-time high,” says GU Energy Labs marketing manager German Martinez. “We have tremendous respect and gratitude for all front-line workers whose efforts are immeasurably vital. While our GU family knows that our care packages are only a small token of our appreciation in the grand scheme, we’ve been so grateful to hear some truly amazing stories that have stemmed from our donations.”

To provide energy to responders on the frontlines of the pandemic, GU sent 41,040 servings of Energy Chews and 15,552 Energy Stroopwafels, ultimately providing more than 6.5 million calories to help keep responders healthy, energized and focused. GU also sent 7800 Hydration Drink Tabs to help workers maintain good hydration, and 1000 bottles of Probiotic Capsules to mitigate the effects of high stress by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria to support the immune system and help digestion.

With this modest donation from their GU Gives program, GU Energy Labs wants to celebrate all of the amazing efforts of first responders and front-line workers. Donations have been delivered to all types of medical facilities and emergency staff including: Trauma & COVID Teams, Respiratory Therapists, ER, ICU & ObGyn Departments, Surgeons, RNs, MDs, Pediatricians, Paramedics & EMTs and Cleaning & Kitchen Crews.