As one of New York City’s top running coaches and someone who logs 55-60 miles each week herself, Elizabeth Corkum is on a constant hunt for products capable of making the running experience more enjoyable.

During a virtual running workshop sponsored by Body Glide last month, Corkum (aka Coach Corky) provided tangible tips for runners of all shapes, sizes and experience levels to “enjoy the run versus the burn or the discomfort that can sometimes come from clocking miles.” In the 30-minute virtual event, Corkum covered topics such as apparel, nutrition, hydration, skin care and footwear, offering battle-tested insights from her running and coaching career on creating a more pleasant and safe running experience.

“It doesn’t matter if a runner is going out for a one-mile run or training for the marathon,” Corkum said. “These are tips and products I have found to be really helpful no matter who that runner is, their age, their experience, their pace or their distance.”

Corkum identified five specific products – some well-established and others new to the run specialty marketplace – that have elevated her experience on the run:

Body Glide

Corkum called Body Glide the “secret” to making her marathon training less painful and more delightful, especially amid New York City’s summer humidity. Today, the anti-chafing balm remains a staple of her training and something she regularly recommends to her athletes.

“Chafing is part of running and a lot of runners will experience it,” she said.

Sweaty Betty athletic tights

Corkum recently put a pair of Sweaty Betty athletic tights to the test during her winter marathon training and found them secure and practical. A side pocket fit a cell phone; a zippered pocket on the back held keys and a credit card; and a snug fit kept the tights in place.

“I have worn these guys through track practice, long runs, in the rain, in the snow, in the sun and they have held up,” Corkum said.


Though often overlooked, safety is an important factor on the run and Corkum called the SPIbelt the ideal product for carrying a smartphone, an EpiPen or even a bear whistle for runs on the trail.

While admitting she dislikes carrying items while running – “I am that person that will risk it all and frustrate my loved ones,” she confessed – Corkum said the SPIbelt is a comfortable option for those wanting peace of mind on a run by having some essential safety items on hand.

Tifosi Optics sunglasses

To avoid dust, debris, pollen, dirt and bugs from hitting her eyes, Corkum championed eyewear. She called Tifosi’s Swank sunglasses a fashionable option for the run or daily wear, while noting other Tifosi models with interchangeable lenses provide eye protection whether one is running on a sunny day or at dusk.

PowerGel Hydro

While some runners are comfortable carrying water in their hand or around their waist on a belt, Corkum prefers to run as light as possible. During her most recent training cycle, she found the new PowerGel Hydro especially beneficial. A more “liquidy” consistency than the typical energy gel, Hydro does not need to be taken with water, which allowed Corkum to get the necessary fuel without needing to immediately ingest water.

And the hunt continues …

Corkum pledged to continue her journey of exploring the latest brands and products to cultivate a better running experience for herself and her athletes.

“When running is comfortable, it’s enjoyable and we can start focusing on things like our form and our breathing and having fun out there,” Corkum said. “We can just do and run.”