Brooks last month launched a new global brand campaign, “It’s Your Run,” as a celebration of the creative ways all types of runners get to their personal finish lines.  It’s Your Run is billed as a celebration of runners of all types finding their best run (in whatever creative ways they want) and to own it with pride. The campaign features seven video spots, with VO from actor David Harbour, who has been vocal about his connection to running for its mental and physical benefits.

With 8.6 million runners added to the brand since 2020, and with global participation in running expected to grow, Brooks is looking to reach the next generation of people who run and inspire them with creative ways to conquer their run and support their run with solutions to stay the course.

Harbour tells Running Insight + that as someone who didn’t always consider himself a runner, he recently came to appreciate what running can do for him both physically and mentally. “I’m glad to be a part of Brooks’ It’s Your Run campaign,” he says.” They recognize that running is not always easy, but celebrate every runner that’s out there finding their best run in their own creative way.”

RI+: Do you have any advice or unconventional tips for folks who want to start running?

David Harbour: My run is mainly a lower heart rate, steady state run for long periods of time, like an hour or an hour and a half.  Sometimes I’ll even fast-walk. My advice is to start with walking and just when inspired, jog a bit. Start slow, start easy, enjoy yourself. Do what works for you. 

RI+: What are your favorite pre- and post-run snacks/food?

Harbour: I like to fast before cardio, so in general I don’t eat before a run. If I do, just some berries and a little fruit. Post-run, I like some overnight oats, chia porridge or Greek yogurt and honey. 

RI+: What are your essential workout/running products or gear? 

I’ve been running in the Brooks Glycerin 20 – they’re soft and comfortable for easy walk/jog days but lightweight for when I want to pick up the pace a bit more. I have the Run Within short sleeve and joggers that are versatile for workouts or everyday wear. I love a good foam roller and yoga mat – stretching is so important pre-and post-run. And my chest strap heart rate monitor is pretty essential to me while working out.

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