Balega’s commitment to making socks transforms the running experience, enabling it to move with confidence and a sense of purpose. This commitment revolves around making socks that have a high perceived value to the user, supply solutions to a need or problem they have, and come from a brand that supports the community and does its part to be a positive member of that community and the world.

Ubuntu philosophy explained … Ubuntu, “I am because we are,” is a Zulu proverb. With origins in South Africa, Balega was inspired by Ubuntu philosophy from Day One. The brand is still inspired by Ubuntu as it continues supporting and connecting communities, retailers and charitable organizations worldwide.

Ubuntu and business … Balega knows that its mission doesn’t end with a single sock design. They understand that each person’s needs are different and that the planet’s needs are evolving. “We believe that with every step we take we should move with purpose, through the power of Ubuntu.”

The Ubuntu Award at The Running Event ... Since the inception of The Running Event Balega has annually presented the Ubuntu Award to recognize a running specialty store for excelling in service and involvement in their local community.  The Ubuntu Award recognizes thoughtful actions by such stores that have long-lasting effects on the lives of people in local communities.

The Ubuntu difference … Balega remains guided by its core values, which shape its purpose, mission and vision. These all revolve around the experience, enabling people to achieve goals and being a supportive partner. Its values permeate into all areas of the brand, from products to marketing and commercial programs. 

Supporting run specialty … Balega is part of a larger company that runs a portfolio of brands. However, each brand is treated as a separate business, which allows Balega to remain true to its core values, including Ubuntu and Community. Run specialty retail is the foundation of this community. These retailers are the ones giving people the resources and encouragement to get out the door. Business is healthy if the community is. 

Grit & Grace … This fall Balega is launching the latest iteration of the 2023 Grit & Grace collection at retail. This is a special program to continue raising awareness, contribute to prevention and provide resources for those impacted by breast cancer. This collection is made with thoughtful and inspirational designs and is part of its give-back program — Balega donates $1 per pair sold to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, an advocacy organization that works to help communities most highly impacted by the environmental exposures linked to breast cancer. 

2023 into 2024 ... In late 2023 Balega is investing in the support of its business partners through two large initiatives. First, it invested in a new B2B platform to streamline the ordering and management process. Second, the company has invested in regional agencies to work specifically with Balega and the independent retailers they serve.