Please give us the “elevator pitch” on what Superfeet is all about in 2022? 

Superfeet is the complete insole partner at specialty running!

What makes Superfeet unique in your space in run specialty? 

Superfeet was the first insole in the specialty run space. Forty-five years later we still provide the best in quality, comfort and performance for runners. We know people’s biomechanics are complex and are working hard to make solving those complex needs, simple. With our run-specific-insole assortment, you quickly can tailor your customers fit to meet their individual foot shape, performance, injury, and footwear needs. 

What about your charitable efforts?

Unique to the space, we donate one percent of annual sales to shaping a strong foundation for people and the planet. We are proud to be members of the Running Industry Association, Running Industry Diversity Coalition, Protect Our Winters and the Conservation Alliance, and a portion of our donations goes to support support Fisher House Foundation

What is your product focus in 2022 for run specialty? 

This year is all about providing the complete fit experience. Last year we introduced the ADAPT Run and ADAPT Run Max insoles into the channel. They immediately became our two best-selling insoles for the retailers that brought them in. We are looking to have more retailers take advantage of these great new products, helping to sharpen merchandise mixes so staff has an understandable range of insoles and knows how to offer them to the consumer. We are doing this through our “adaptive to responsive” education that aligns with our ADAPT and RUN Series insoles.    

Why should run specialty retailers carry more product in the category? 

It’s not so much about more product — it’s more about the right product. Given the success of our ADAPT insoles, all run specialty retailers should be adding them to the mix. We also understand the limitations on wall and floor space, so we are here to assist all retailers to make sure they have the right mix of our range. Having the proper mix also makes it easier to train staff.   

How can these retailers sell more Superfeet products? 

That’s easy — let us help. If a retailer wants to grow the insole category, we have the tools to do so since we’ve been doing it for more than 45 years. As I already mentioned, we can help get the right product mix and then make sure your staff knows how to offer it to the customer. Also, consider bringing in the Volumental x Superfeet personalized fit experience. We are confident the system’s gait analysis and insole recommendation will make it easier to visualize the benefits of an insole and will make selecting the best insole for each person easier for your staff.

What are you looking for in your involvement with Runchella? 

The independent run channel is the backbone of Superfeet, so, for one, we just love supporting the channel and look forward to spending time together. We are also excited to demonstrate the ways we can help individual retailers reach more profitability and deliver the best customer experience through our full range of products.   

Finally, what does the rest of 2022 have in store for Superfeet? 

We are coming off our best year ever. Our CEO, John Rauvola, likened it to winning the Super Bowl, so we are looking to repeat! We’ve made internal promises through our five-year vision to serve new populations, become carbon neutral, to continue to invest in our people, grow the impact of our philanthropy and, of course, hit certain financial milestones. We are putting the wheels in motion to achieve those promises, all the while keeping focus and heart in the run channel. We’ve built a great culture at Superfeet and will work hard together as a team to reach these goals and provide the best products for consumers.