Please give us the “elevator pitch” on what Aetrex is all about in 2022?

Having conducted more than 40 million foot scans worldwide, Aetrex uses its vast storage of proprietary data to design and deliver products with health benefits never available to consumers before. 

What makes Aetrex unique in your space in run specialty?

Aetrex combines data driven expertise about feet and decades of experience as the global leader in orthotics with more than 20 years designing and developing the cutting edge of foot scanning technology. This combination puts Aetrex in a position to customize the inside of running footwear to any consumer’s unique feet, delivering enhanced function and performance.

What is your product focus in 2022?

A major initiative for 2022 has been launching the web extension of our FitGenius AI match-making software. This e-commerce plug-in harnesses the data captured with our 3D scanners in-store to tell consumers, when they’re shopping online, how any shoe style is likely to fit their feet. It delivers a better e-commerce experience for shoppers, while significantly reducing online returns. We’ve launched FitGenius with a number of global retailers and we have an increasingly long queue of applicants who want to bring this e-commerce shopping enhancement to their online shoppers.

What is your technology story in 2022? 

The Aetrex technology story centers on using the rich data collected from its cutting-edge 3D and pressure scanning technology to design, produce and match customers with the ideal products for their unique feet.

How can retailers sell more products by utilizing what Aetrex has to offer to them?

The surest way to maximize the benefits of Albert 2 Pro is to cultivate the habit of using it as part of the fit experience every customer receives while shopping at your store. Consumers love the Albert 2 Pro experience — it’s novel, high-tech and personalized and a lot of fun for you customer. The more customers you scan, the more memorable experiences you create, the more data you collect and the more you drive enhanced sales.  

What are you looking for in your involvement with Runchella?

The running market is core for Aetrex. We share so many values: enhancing health and well-being, supporting our communities, creating the best personalized fit experience possible. We’ve developed strong, long-term partnerships throughout the industry. Our goal is to strengthen existing partnerships and forge new relationships with like-minded stores around the country.

Finally, what does the rest of 2022 have in store for Aetrex and how are you going to achieve that? 

We continue to invest in our most import asset, our people. We’ve hired a ton of new employees over the past few years and continue to recruit aggressively. Throughout the remainder of the year, our teams will remain hard at work innovating an enhanced fit experience in store, while delivering an e-commerce experience that gives consumers an easy way to find shoes that best fit their feet.