Please give us the “elevator pitch” on what Currex is all about in 2022?

In just a few years, Currex developed from a no-name brand from Germany to become the best-selling insole SKU in the U.S. running market. We offer the highest customized over-the-counter product by respecting the runner’s foot type and weight (impact force and gait). Our insoles work hand in hand with the shoe technology with features such as zero drop, light weight, dynamic arch support and de-coupled heel. With three profiles – high, medium and low – all athletes can simply access all our unique sport specific insoles with one profile, from cleated sports to hockey, skiing, cycling, hiking and much more.

What makes Currex unique in your space in run specialty? 

In addition to our multi-sport lineup, we are the only OTC insole measured to reduce plantar pressure in the shoe while adding increased comfort over the stock sock liner.

What is your product focus in 2022 for run specialty? 

While we continue growing our awareness of the RunPro for the average run specialty customers, we recently introduced the SupportSTP — a more supportive, yet dynamic product that offers a great solution for the elder community or customers who experience simple foot problems.

Why should run specialty retailers carry more product in the insole category? 

To us, there are two scenarios. Shoppers come in with recommendations from their medical providers and shoppers who come to buy shoes. In our experience, the majority of shoppers – when comparing Currex to the standard liner or even other insoles – prefer our dynamic product. Thus, the retailers provide a service which is not available online and potentially increase their revenue as well.

How can these retailers sell more Currex products?

Very simply, let shoppers compare shoes with and without a Currex insole. Having any type of 3D technology or our Footdisc helps educate the customer, but eventually the customer has the final say on the comfort and support they feel when experiencing the insole in their shoes.

What are you looking for in your involvement with Runchella? 

We are looking forward to meeting with our customers, encouraging retailers to chat with stores who do really well with Currex and also listening to feedback for improvement. Currex is and will remain a committed partner of run specialty stores.

Finally, what does the rest of 2022 have in store for Currex and how are you going to achieve that?

We continue to grow coming from a great 2021. In partnership with our retailers, we are confident in continuing to provide world-class products and customer service.