Parker Karnan and Erin Flynn from Karnan Associates will lead a pre-conference session at The Running Event on Tuesday December 3 from 8 a.m. to 11:30. The session, entitled “The Future is Personal,” will focus on how running stores can personalize their brand communication from end to end, from the in-store experience to external marketing.

“The customer wants personalized messaging in every aspect of their consumer relationship,”  Karnan says.

The session will be comprised of two parts. Part I will show why personalization is the number one trend in brand communication and how retailers are delivering it.

Part II will emphasize technology and other tools that stores can integrate to their business that will allow them to succeed.

A third part of the Pre-Conference session is “Your Captain Class” and will identify what owners and hiring managers should look for when tapping store leadership.

“Specialty retailers can learn from the attributes of leaders from the greatest sports dynasties of all time. What leadership looks like is different from our traditional image. Knowing and identifying leaders who develop great team cultures is key to winning, in sports and in business,” Karnan says.