Pro-Tec Athletics has released the RM Extreme Mini–Handheld Contoured Roller. The single hand portable roller massager provides a targeted deep tissue massage, while the contoured surface effectively wraps around select body parts. The handle also offers a single point myofascial release technique option.

The RM Extreme (MSRP: $24.95) is a 21-inch contoured roller massager with a non-flexible design to control the compression level. It is made from a latex-free, closed cell EVA/polyolefin foam to provide durability and ease of cleaning. This design allows users to achieve a deep tissue self-massage to release muscle tension, promote flexibility, and improve joint mobility.

The RM Extreme Mini is the newest product in the Extreme Massage line from Pro-Tec Athletics. It can be used alongside the RM Extreme, Orb Extreme and Orb Extreme Mini for a full body package.