Running shoes are every runner’s favorite obsession and a new book, “Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture & Cool of Running Shoes,” lets readers run a mile inside the running shoe industry. Brian Metzler, seasoned running journalist (and frequent contributor to Running Insight) and veteran shoe-tester, delves deep into the stories and hype of shoes and brands that have made running history. With his insider access, Metzler examines every facet of this lucrative, innovative and massively popular industry. Kicksology will be available in bookstores, running shops and online in October. For a preview, visit

In Kicksology, shoe fans, runners and business enthusiasts alike will follow the rise and innovation of running shoes — through major cultural fads, attempts at injury prevention and techy experiments done in the name of speed and performance. Metzler goes overseas to factories where shoes are built, into brick-and-mortar shops facing increasing online competition and right into the shoes of some of the sport’s favorite celebrities. Kara Goucher, Scott Jurek, Deena Kastor and others contribute to the wealth of shoe intrigue with personal anecdotes of their own favorite shoes.

Kicksology as a look at the business is a fun, fascinating exploration of the running shoes that came before and the kicks that are coming next.