Less than two years after introducing 3D scanning technology into its stores, Fleet Feet this month scanned its one-millionth pair of feet as part of its exclusive in-store outfitting experience known as fit id.

Introduced in June 2017 in collaboration with Fleet Feet’s technology partner Volumental, 3D foot scanning has created a collective and growing data hub of insights regarding aggregate customer foot shape and size, fueling both innovation and enhanced customer personalization of solutions and advice.

Data from the 3D foot scans has allowed Fleet Feet to identify trends and insights that inform better purchasing decisions. Specifically, Fleet Feet found that over the course of 2018, twice as many women as men need a wide shoe, that 40 percent of both men and women have high arches and that nearly one in five customers scanned have at least a half size difference between their right and left foot lengths. This information has led to changes in purchases, with the brand seeing increases in the sale of insoles and wider shoes across the system since June 2017.

The customer's foot scans taken during the fit id experience also fueled the creation of the first running shoe constructed from the data points of over 100,000 customer foot scans. Done in partnership with Karhu, the 100-year-old Finnish running shoe brand, Fleet Feet debuted the Ikoni in August 2018. This Fall, Fleet Feet and Karhu will debut two additional running shoe models also shaped by 3D foot scanning data.

Fleet Feet now stands at 177 franchise and company-owned locations in 37 states.